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MEDIA: National Gallery of Canada’s Magazine features Barry Ace’s “Otter Moccasins” for Àbadakone preview

The recent iteration of the National Gallery of Canada’s (NGC) international art exhibiton – Àbadakone | Continuous Fire | Feu Continuel – has now opened. The press preview for the NGC’s online magazine features Nigik Makisinan – Otter Moccasins, work by Barry Ace that was acquired by the NGC in 2016.

“They look to the past but also imply a future moment where an individual may step into the work to inhabit the space as an activating presence. The designer Fluevog “Swordfish” footwear was gifted to Ace by Anishinaabe artist Michael Belmore. This exchange, along with the decision to alter contemporary shoes, “demonstrates cultural continuity and a resistance to cultural stasis or erasure,” Ace shared. Nigik Makizinan – Otter Moccasins leaves an indelible imprint on the present.”

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