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Henri Masson (Estate)


An Ottawa resident since emigrating from Belgium, Henri Masson, O.C., LL.D., RCA (1907-1996) painted the towns of Hull, Ottawa and the Gatineau region landscapes near his home. In every season, Masson painted the activities of ordinary french townsfolk strolling, skating and enjoying life.

Although often grouped with artists such as Stanley Cosgrove, Goodridge Roberts and Marc-Aurele Fortin—the generation of important artists after the Group of Seven—Masson’s signature style sets him apart. His vigorous brushwork, fluidity, vibrant colour and figurative subjects remained unchanged by fashion as he followed his own personal vision. Figures are always in set in motion with his free, impressionistic and confident use of pure colour.

Masson was passionate about painting, using his own detailed field sketches for major works. His paintings reveal the artist’s love of this country, an intimacy with the nature of the region and an affection for its people. Masson presents our cultural heritage through his original style. His work is widely collected and appreciated as an enduring contribution to Canadian art.

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